Business Beyond the Balance Sheet Podcast

Episode 11: Following The Need To Find The Solution

with Anita Nygaard of CorHRr and your host Cedric Campbell, Principal Broker of Equity123 Lending


Episode Highlights:

In this episode of The Business Beyond The Balance Sheet Podcast, Cedric Campbell speaks with Anita Nygaard, the President of CorHR. Today we talk about how she really found her niche, the effect of strategic business partners, and the struggles or benefits of having them!

Episode Highlights:

Successful entrepreneurs must:

  • Get the Business
  • Work the Business
  • Build the Business
  • Manage the Business

You have to manage different personalities while getting the work done

You must have a plan for your business

Reinforcing your business partners

Non-Compete Clauses

Non-compete can't prevent further work unless you are a key person

Valued employees have some level of flexibility

Focus on Trade Secrets

Client lists are not protected

Consider responsible growth

Only promise what you can deliver to avoid a long-term negative reputation

The value of your unique contribution

Strategic Plans and a Strategic Partner Network

Introspection is key to successful business ownership

What do you want to accomplish?

What are you willing to commit?

Family Considerations

What kind of business do you want to be?

Controlled Employee Growth

Bi-Annual Training

Job-protected LOA up to 12 work weeks

Strategic Partners

  • Add value to the same client
  • Experts in their field
  • Have their own book of business
  • Are like-minded when it comes to service delivery
  • Customer benefits from the joint expertise

The Downside of Business Ownership

Strategic partner doesn't understand your business model

Attracting and retaining your valued talent

Best part of being a business owner  

Supporting the community with your services not your checkbook

Deriving a company name

Why CorHR

  • Providing expert advise
  • Help to retain valued talent
  • Help set up proper expectations
  • Understand the contribution
  • Raise the bar to achieve effectiveness 
  • Win together... Lose alone

Following the need to the solution.        

About the Podcast:

Business Beyond The Balance Sheet with Cedric Campbell, Principal of Equity123 Lending lets you look through the lens of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners to get an idea about how they approach the business world. You'll learn about insightful business practices they've learned over the years, best practices to help you avoid pitfalls, and ways you can improve your own market opportunities.

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