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Aashi Arora
Episode 4: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Transitions in Business

With Aashi Arora, CEO of iRISE Executive Coaching

Aashi tells us how she helps high-ranking executives in large firms overcome their stuggles with imposter syndrome, and how she transitions businesses out of the pandemic business world.

Dawnette Palmore
Episode 3: Success, Failures and What to Make of Them

With Dawnette Palmore, The CEO of Proverbs Financial Coaching

Here, Dawnette walks us through her beginnings as an entrepreneur, what she does, how she identifies someone who is struggling with their business, and what options they have at their disposal to improve.

Dawnette Palmore
Episode 2: The Powerful Benefits of Business Coaching

With Mickey Gubman, of Gubman Business Coaching

Mickey owns Gubman Business Coaching and his passion for helping fellow entrepreneurs and executives achieve success is what drives him. Under his guidance, they learn about effective execution of strategy  to achieve success faster.

Kathy Dawson
Episode 1: How to Approach Running Your Own Business

With Kathy Dawson, the CEO of Dawson & Dawson

Kathy is passionate about helping job seekers find gainful employment to put them on the path to success. Learn how she approaches running her own business, as well as the importance of working with a good partner and how to grow a business practice effectively.

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