Business Beyond the Balance Sheet Podcast

Episode 6: The Freedom That Comes With Owning A Business

with Dexter Allen, Realtor for HomeSmart, Evergreen Realty, and your host Cedric Campbell, Principal Broker of Equity123 Lending.

Episode Highlights:
  • Learn secrets to starting your business, tips that Dexter Allen wishes he knew when starting.
  • Finding Your Niche is important. Dexter found his with small business owners
  • Managing priorities is always tough, especially when beginning a new business, Dexter talks about his beginnings.
  • Giving back to your community is invaluable. Not only does it help provide you with a sense of accomplishment but also allows you to become a household name within your community.
  • Joining organizations is a great way to network and also get support throughout your entrepreneurial journey.
  • It's not always a 9-5, in most cases you can even start at 5pm because that is when you are finally able to sit down and work on the business.
  • Discovering what is important to you can help you manage your money. There can be time freedom in owning a business.

About the Podcast:

Business Beyond The Balance Sheet with Cedric Campbell, Principal of Equity123 Lending lets you look through the lens of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners to get an idea about how they approach the business world. You'll learn about insightful business practices they've learned over the years, best practices to help you avoid pitfalls, and ways you can improve your own market opportunities.

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