Business Beyond the Balance Sheet Podcast

Episode 8: From Business, To Corporate And Back

with Marc Brener, the CEO of Saddleback Energy Consulting, and your host Cedric Campbell, Principal Broker of Equity123 Lending

Episode Highlights:

In this episode of The Business Beyond The Balance Sheet Podcast, Cedric Campbell speaks with Marc Brener of Saddleback energy Consulting, on his incredible transitions from owning his own business, to working in the corporate world, and then back to running and owning his second business!

Listen in to the thought-provoking insights he has into running his own business from his unique position of having ran two successful businesses and working within an established one.

  • Find out how to start running your own business and what you can bring from your corporate job..
  • There are skills in being a business owner, and being in a corporate job, both are complimentary to one another.
  • Dealing with vendors and dealing with clients are very similar, but you need to make sure everyone knows who is boss!
  • Owning the business means you need to make sure clients and vendors get the best experience possible.
  • Communication is key to having thriving business relationships with vendors
  • Keeping up to date with market changes and tech in your field can give you a competitive edge.
  • Your family can be a big part of your business if you let them, find out ways to work with them, not against them.
  • Dependability and Knowledge of the field are two main keys to finding the right energy company, speak to Marc Brener to find out more.

About the Podcast:

Business Beyond The Balance Sheet with Cedric Campbell, Principal of Equity123 Lending lets you look through the lens of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners to get an idea about how they approach the business world. You'll learn about insightful business practices they've learned over the years, best practices to help you avoid pitfalls, and ways you can improve your own market opportunities.

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