Business Beyond the Balance Sheet Podcast

Episode 9: It's Not About Timing, It's All About Drive

with Peggy Knauft, the CEO and Owner of Primary Pacific Properties, and your host Cedric Campbell, Principal Broker of Equity123 Lending

Episode Highlights:

In this episode of The Business Beyond The Balance Sheet Podcast, Cedric Campbell speaks with Peggy Knauft of Primary Pacific Properties, andthey discuss the topics of drive and success.

Peggy started her business right at the beginning of COVID and had two options, pack her back and count her losses or fight through it. She came out of the other end a success and realised that it is not about timing, it is not about the right people, it is all about DRIVE and how driven you are to make your mark.

About the Podcast:

Business Beyond The Balance Sheet with Cedric Campbell, Principal of Equity123 Lending lets you look through the lens of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners to get an idea about how they approach the business world. You'll learn about insightful business practices they've learned over the years, best practices to help you avoid pitfalls, and ways you can improve your own market opportunities.

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